Friday, April 9, 2010

Heavy Rain - Gameplay

As a game, rather than a movie, instead of trying to find themes or motifs in the story (which I cannot honestly say there is much), especially in one with different endings, I want to cover the gameplay.

Let's start with replay value. Heavy Rain certainly does well here. With so many possibilities, any half-curious individual will want to replay this game. There's also a wonderful option here, as one is allowed to replay by chapter, with or without saving. This is nice because you don't have to replay chapters that severely suffer from extremely boring shit. You can also more easily collect the different trophies. More exciting, of course, is the amount of different endings. There are so many that it's hard not to play through a number of times.

The controls we'll cover next. They're a bit on the obnoxious side, but they're handleable. Here's where we hit snags: Why is walking so complicated? You know how the Wii makes you want to slaughter younglings because you do the motion with the controller but it doesn't read it properly? Well, that happens when you have to shake the controller or turn it different ways in this game. And aside from this being frustrating, it's also really annoying if it's in a scene where you could die. The other, unfortunate element is that the game needs to make difficult things difficult for the gamer, but is lacking a lot of ways to do that. So sometimes you may find yourself running out of fingers/toes, chins, etc. to get down the horrible button combinations. Still, how else are they going to make a part that should be hard for hard? I suppose this is the best solution, but it's worth rethinking.

Graphics: amazing. I'm not sure what else to say about this. This is one of the first games I've seen water done really well. The Playstation3 certainly has a wonderful processor. Unfortunately, the game does spend a lot of time just showing off it's graphics for the sake of it, which makes me want to punch all the faces that keep getting shoved up against the screen. It also is unfortunate that fire is still extremely disappointing. But I understand this is a process, and this is certainly a nice step in the right direction.

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