Monday, April 5, 2010

Heavy Rain - Overview

Heavy Rain is a clever new game play that blends the line between game and movie even more. Metal Gear Solid really pushed this envelope, but with the PS3 graphics and the QTE being tied into the entire game, it is more of an interactive game/movie experience. The only problem is that this game suffers from a malady known as extremely boring shit. The beginning of the game is like a training simulator: how to walk, open doors, take a shower, get dressed, draw a house, help your wife with birthday stuff, play with your gay kids in the backyard. By this point you may have wanted to get up and watch cars drive down your street. It's about as interesting. Maybe do your own laundry or take a shower yourself, you dirty gamer. The point is, this drags on a little long, and the family is a little over the top perfect, as we're obviously waiting for the part when terrible things happen. And then throughout the game you still have all these boring parts, it's like they think you've forgotten how to do the controls--which are as Zeropunctuation put it "shampoo-drinkingly awful." Anyways, the action sequences and the interesting scenes are extremely intense, especially since, as a game, you're responsible for what happens to these characters. All the pressure is on YOU, rather than just sitting back and watching some dumb chick walk down a dark alley to get stabbed repeatedly.

The other major suffering element of this game is the writing. All of it. It suffers from a severe case of making shit up as you go along, plot holes, and of course, the most horrible epidemic that seems to be sweeping the nation in all creative fiction: bitches. We'll get into a lot of this in part two, but allow me to at least sum it up for you in basics: some strange plot developments are never heard from after the plot gets rolling, the answer to the murder mystery is excruciatingly disappointing for a number of reasons (don't read part two if you don't want any spoilers), the understanding of how a police department works is ludicrous, and because this French company didn't want to go through an American company for voice actors, everyone talks like a fucking idiot and has an annoying accent. It'd be fine except that everyone in it says "Ore-ah--GAM--ee" instead of "Ore--ah--GAHM--ee," and they're all constantly referring to the OraGAMi killer. The storyline suffers greatly, and in a game like this, the storyline is extremely essential. This isn't Modern Warfare 2 (or any other first person shooter for that matter), you need a good story to keep people interested, especially since it's clearly a single-player game. Alright, let's get down to brass tax and discuss this nonsense in parts.

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