Thursday, June 23, 2011

Assassin's Creed 2

I'm a very immature grown man. Hearing all these Italian voices there is one major thing I found myself doing: talking in a very racist Italian accent. Though yes, it's Uncle Mario and it's perfect for "It's a Me: Mario!" I don't care. Whenever I would go to play this game: "It's a Me: Ezio!"

Assassin's Creed 2 is all that was missing in Assassin's Creed. Personally: I loved AC, but I can see how many could grow bored with its repetitive nature and non-cutscene cutscenes. Times where I'm just walking back and forth while Al Mualim keeps prattling about really interesting philosophical concepts. Ezio is more engaging and lovable in the beginning of AC2, which was obviously an apology for how AC starts with Altair getting a man killed and another losing his arm. Gee boy, sure going to love this guy! Still, I liked Altair because the story was obviously about redemption. A man that starts irreverent and learns throughout the story exactly how blurry the lines between good and evil truly are, and eventually owns up to his past mistakes. AC2 clearly still loves Altair as he is glorified in the awesome Philosophical Codexes which keeps it a thinking game. But the story is improved, and I love some real cutscenes.

Gameplay is highly improved. Again, I manned up and did all the missions. I am a bit of a completist, however. And with AC2 there are so many different kinds of missions and goals and parts to the story. So much more exciting than eavesdropping. Plus, the redundant missions are available but are completely optional. AC2 gives you more freedom as a freeroamer, which you think would be a no-brainer, but it's actually somewhat complex. Games like Infamous use the power outages along with places being overrun, but AC simply said "NO YOU CAN'T SWIM AND YOU AREN'T SYNCHRONIZED WITH THIS PART OF YOUR MEMORY GIANT WHITE WALL." AC2 gives you basic swimming ability (which is also required in Italy) and removes most (though not all) of the synchronization nonsense. You even need to get health. It's also about time there's some real shopping and money accruing! Eventually, as Zeropunct says, you get so much there's hardly anything to do with all of it. BUT the idea is extremely smart, because it means you're rebuilding an order, an empire. And I do love this story.

Desmond is slowly getting more interesting, though Lucy is still pretty standard love-interest-naggy-teacher, but we have some new characters: Rebecca (the hipster/kind womanchild) and Shaun (the dick/researcher). I honestly can't stand Shaun and I'm kind of pissed that two games in a row we've got the only other male opposite Desmond (BLAND) and he's a dick. I'm actually kind of offended as a male and my lack of representation. How strange, right? But it stems from my feminism. I like decent representation. My other major complaint is how little was changed with the climbing. It's basically Altair with a few added perks. For the most part this is solid, but after a couple of hours this game gets extremely frustrating and the nitpicks begin to glare like a black glass wall. Ezio disobeys you like a petulant teenager and starts hopping at bad angles, automatically dives into bale of hay to make you reclimb a building, misses a bail of hay on purpose, doesn't latch, simply decides at times to stare upward or at an angle when you KNOW he could reach! Infamous fixed this kind of issue by making Cole a giant magnet. AC needs SOMETHING PLEASE.

I love you Assassin's Creed. I get a serene chill down my spine as I calmly climb a building, synchronize at a viewpoint and look out upon the city. My mind zones into swift, motivated place when I race through the streets while the music plays. And I find myself speaking through Altair's codexes when searching for those complex and hidden truths of life. I truly enjoy these games, and I cannot wait to play Brotherhood, and I look forward to November and Revelations.

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